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Penn-Marydel foxhound

A Penn-MaryDel Foxhound


English Foxhounds are more heavily built than American. They have shorter ears and less cry. They are hot-trailing hounds with great speed, and they take more direction from their huntsman than do the American strains. They were developed in England where the primary objective is to run down and kill foxes, because the foxes are too numerous there.



The American Foxhound is a distinct type. He is racier and more lightly built than the English, with a distinctive occipital bump and long ears. He has a better voice and will hunt more independently than the English hound. He was developed for hunting the open farmland of Virginia, where great speed is essential to stay with the fox.



Kimberton uses Penn-MaryDel Foxhounds. This is a strain of American hounds bred for hunting in the farmland and woodlands of the Pennsylvania-Maryland-Delaware Area, hence their name. Penn-MaryDels (or PMD's) have a wonderful deep voice and excellent cold trailing ability. They are not as fast as some of the other strains, but can follow the fox for hours. Their voice is a delight to hear and enables the followers to know where they are even in wooded country.

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